IMG_2993I recently had a brief conversation with fitness goddess Jillian Michaels about the challenges of eating healthy while traveling. She shared with me how it was at times, difficult for even her to do.  This brought me some peace.  Because truth is, eating healthy while traveling is an incredible challenge.

On our road trip this past summer, where we were on the road for a little over two weeks, I would have moments when I felt gross inside after having had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and McDonald’s for lunch.  But, that was all on me, of course, because I didn’t have to.

Now, though many places offer salads in their menus, most of them are not very appetizing, made up mostly of loose leaf lettuce, which have no nutrients at all and taste like water anyway and fruit can be a hard to find.  But it doesn’t have to be impossible, nor expensive.


One advice: pack up as much as you can from home or your favorite market before heading out on the road or taking that flight. Fruits, healthy sandwiches, salads, nuts, etc.  All these can be carried on board, and last long enough till your next meal.

Another tip: try to eat before you leave home.  This way you won’t be as hungry later on and at the mercy of the unhealthy choices at the airports or road stops.

Lastly, drink lots of fluids, including protein drinks or milk.  This too will help control hunger and will keep you hydrated and give you some much needed energy.

It’s not adviced that you go long periods of time without eating, especially when traveling as this is energy draining enough. If you are stuck at the airport, or on a long trip  and need to stop and get some food, just be aware of the choices you make.  Know as well that fatty and high sugary foods will cause you to crash faster and harder than the healthier choices.

I know the selections can be grim out there, but with a little extra effort and commitment, traveling does not have to equal added pounds, and if planned carefully, you can even save some serious cash.

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