Roundhouse Carrier

Roundhouse Carrier

Are you one of those people that is secretly convinced they are too uncoordinated to sling a baby? Putting on and adjusting a sling can be tricky business! Getting the fit right is very important too. If the fit is compromised, the sling is not comfy. Or safe.

Roundhouse Design Collaborative has made it easier to get your sling on and adjusted in a jiffy with their Roundhouse Carriers. These slings feature a seatbelt-like buckle that snaps together and adjusts with a tug of the belt. It’s genuinely easy to maneuver with one hand. And less likely to mangle your long hair (I live in fear of getting my hair caught in ring slings!).


The slings are very well made in a variety of cute, quality, washable fabrics. The Roundhouse site offers detailed instructions on how to wear your sling. They even have instructional videos that make it easy to learn how to get the most use and comfort out of your sling.

If you have considered slinging but worried about the fit, being coordinated enough to try it, and/or if you wanted to be sure to get a simple sling that would work not just for you but also for your partner or other caregivers – the Roundhouse Sling Carrier is a great one to try.