Last week was a whirlwind for me and my family, but it promises to be only a hint of the chaos the next few months will hold for us. After much back and forth, my husband accepted a new position in Columbus, Ohio and we’ll be moving there in July.  I debated whether to hide this news from the kids in order to let them enjoy the rest of the school year without this hanging over their heads, but was too worried about losing their trust if they found out accidentally. I dreaded breaking the news, and it was awful, even worse than I imagined. There was crying, sobbing, hitting, and many “you are the worst mom in the world” type of comments. Somewhere in the middle of the firestorm, out of sheer desperation, I pulled a page out of the Obama playbook. I agreed to get a dog in Ohio.  When I walked down the stairs the next morning, I expected more hysterics and sour faces. Instead I got a kiss and a big, “thank you mom, I can’t wait to get our dog!” So please learn from my experience, when you gear up to break the news of a move to your children, think long and hard about what you’re willing to offer up as a bribe to ease the pain, otherwise your move could cost you more than you bargained for. This is an original Traveling Moms blog post. Read more about Vanessa’s parenting and cooking mishaps at her blog, Chefdruck Musings.