Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is in a few short weeks.  Soon, families will be loading up the cars and driving to relatives’ houses for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Since so many motorists will be on the road, and conditions in November and December are less than optimal in many locations, it’s important that you make sure that you have appropriate insurance coverage.

This holiday season, has offered some practical tips to making sure that you are appropriately covered.

Thanksgiving Tips for Travelers:

Be Sure You Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage estimates that 15 to 25% of drivers go without insurance today, so Uninsured Motorist coverage is more important than ever. And, it costs very little to increase your limit.


Determine Whether Your Policy Will Cover Your Rental Car
Most companies will extend the coverage on your personal auto policy to a rental car. The important fact is whether you have purchased Comprehensive and Collision coverage on your own car. That’s the coverage that pays for scratches, dents and thefts, among other things. Call your insurance company to check before you head out.

Use Caution When Splitting Drive Time
If a friend gets into an accident while driving you car, it is your responsibility. This means that the accident will go on your insurance record and your insurance premium could go up.

Everyday Travel Insurance Can Help in a Bind
Travel insurance can help put the cheer back in your holiday in case connecting flights are missed, baggage is lost, or you catch H1N1 and must break trip plans. Everyday travel insurance includes: $1,000 trip Cancellation coverage, $1,000 trip Interruption coverage, $500 lost/stolen/damaged baggage and travel documents coverage, and $1,500 travel delay allowance.

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