babyribbonbellyI love a new baby, but baby showers aren’t really my thing. Let me amend that. Typical baby showers are not my thing. The silly games that embarrass the mom-to-be by measuring her belly embarrass me, too.

The fake ‘oohs and aahs’ over one too many onesies as the new mom opens each present just bore me. But, throw in a little twist to make the party more fun and I’m there. Who isn’t up for a fun party? The key here being fun. As a baby planner (at who is hired to help plan parties, I recently heard about a great idea that I thought needed to be shared with all my friends—especially those responsible for throwing the party for the ladies-in-waiting.

The baby shower in this case was thrown while the mom was at work, manning the drive-thru for a local donut shop. What a fabulous surprise for her as the people who placed their orders drove up and dropped off a present when they paid. Obviously we’re not suggesting complete strangers here, but what a great way to surprise a friend in need. Where’s the party you say? Well, after dropping off the gift, each of these ladies just parked it and came inside for a donut and drink, along with a quick hug when their friend got a break. The mom-to-be was truly surprised, and got what she needed without the shower shenanigans that leave so many of us in shame. And how easy could this be to organize? No decorations needed (which leaves more money available for a really great gift), no cleaning up your own house to get ready to host two dozen friends, no headaches over who to invite. Everyone is welcome.

Obviously you can’t surprise all moms-to-be in this way, but you can start thinking out of the box, so to speak. If your expectant friend works an office job, why not throw the surprise bash in your office conference room? If she’s a stay at home or work at home mom-to-be, invite her to join you at a local park, or mall (oh yeah—lots of food already there) and surprise her with a circle of her friends waiting for her? Not only does it take some of the stress off you, but it also eases some of the anxiety for the mom-to-be who may not be all that eager to be the center of attention. In the end, everyone is happier and, hopefully, having fun!