This morning, while I was coming back from driving my granddaughter back to her mom’s, I saw in front of me a car hit another car full force.  No one seemed to be severely injured but everything happened in a split second.  Worst of all, it could have been me with my granddaughter.  It made me realize that we never know what is in store for us.

  My son is no longer with my granddaughter’s mom, yet the communication has stayed open between them, which is good for everyone.  My  granddaughter travels between her mom’s house, her dad’s house and both grandparents homes.  She is often on the road and today, made me just realize that life is short and unpredictable.  It also made me realize that vital information about her medical insurance, primary doctor and emergency contact should be with her at all time since she essentially travels with different adults responsible for her.  This could be a little note card with all the information that she can carry in her school bag or her lugguage. Often as parents, we have all the information for our children, but when it comes to stepchildren, especially if you are not the parent who has custody, that information may be missing. So as you travel over the holiday seasons, be reminded that accidents can happen and having all the critical info for every child with you is really important. Safe travels