Travel_SizeWeekly travel has left me with pretty significant access to travel size toiletries. A few years ago I started packing whatever would fit into my ziploc bag as a sort of “how much can I accumulate” game. I only took what was in my own room and over the course of a year I accumulated a 25 gallon Rubbermaid storage tote full of soaps, shampoos, body wash, conditioners, toothpaste, shower caps, sewing kits, mouthwash, and moisturizer!

My husband, son and I discussed what we could do with all of the product. After some research we decided to donate it to a homeless shelter in our area. Collecting travel size toiletries, whether you are the traveler or your family is with you, is a great way to to start your children off on a charitable path from an early age. Kids can help choose between different charities and taking your kids with you to drop off the items is a great way to help them see how you are helping.  The simple act of collecting and donating the toiletries typically leads to children wanting to do more. My then 5 year old asked to bring some toys for the kids the next time we went and a year later asked if we could donate some groceries that we were getting for free through my avid couponing. Many charities will take toiletries if you call and ask. Some common options are VFW’s, Ronald McDonald House’s, homeless shelters, some food banks, churches and substance abuse centers. Start your collection today!