LionsMy husband is an avid football fan. Not so much the college teams though – no, he’s basically your diehard NFL fan. And of course, having grown up in Michigan – he’s been a lifelong and very loyal fan of the Detroit Lions. Which has brought him a bit of grief over the past several years (especially back in 2008) since the Lions are one of only four teams to have yet to make it to the Super Bowl and in fact haven’t won a championship since 1957 (via Wikipedia). But he remains hopeful – although realistic – about their chances and every fall looks forward to a new season and another chance for the Lions to redeem themselves.

In just over a week, Super Bowl XLV is being held in Dallas, TX – over 18 hours and 1, 125 miles away from our home here in West Michigan. Definitely not a trip he can take this year! But he’ll be there in spirit, eagerly watching every pass, kick, fumble and tackle from from our living room and rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers, as a substitute for his beloved Lions.

I will be watching the Super Bowl as well – although my focus is generally on the commercials and the halftime show, rather than the actual game. I do watch a bit of football with my husband here and there during the season – it’s rather difficult to avoid after all, since it takes up most of the afternoon on what are generally his only days off during the fall and early wintertime. The poor guy really needed to have a son to watch his games with – none of our three girls are very interested in an afternoon spent cheering on teams and analyzing the scores, although he’s been trying to get them more involved however he can. And they are excited that the Super Bowl is coming up soon – although that has more to do with the fact that it also brings this year’s Puppy Bowl as well, lol.

KnittingNow that the girls are older though, I’m finding it less necessary for me to keep them otherwise occupied during Sunday afternoon games – they are more than happy to play by themselves or with each other most of the time, leaving me free to… Well, I don’t generally get the appeal of watching an hours-long football game myself either. But this season I’ve greatly enjoyed those afternoons as well, spending some quality time with my latest knitting project and my favorite podcasts on my phone and earbuds. Oh I look up at the television every so often, generally when my husband lets out either a loud cheer or furious protest. And I do pay attention to the game, somewhat. Especially if it’s a close score or someone’s about to come from behind to win at the very last second. But I’ve gotten several knitting projects done and love having the dedicated time every week to spend on them. And this year, for the first time really, I will be a bit sad after the Super Bowl ends, taking those long, lazy football afternoons with it.

At least until the next season begins again in the fall. 🙂