OK, I just edited and posted Cassie Tefft’s essay about traveling to Costa Rica without telling her parents. It sends chills up and down my spine.As the mom of two teens, I already am grappling with the idea that they are out of my control more than they are in it. Like Cassie’s parents, I have always maintained an “open-honest policy.” At a speech by a youth relations cop years ago, I learned that you should always have a code word for your kids to use that says, “Please rescue me, but don’t tell anyone you did or ask any questions about why I need to be rescued.” The idea is that if your kid finds him or herself in a dangerous situation (driving with someone who’s been drinking, stuck at a party where drugs are being passed around, zip lining in Costa Rica with a stranger, worried because the condom broke) he or she believes that calling you is the right thing to do. That means you have to actually do what you promised: Rescue the kid without the recriminations.Luckily, I haven’t yet been tested on this approach to parenthood. I hope that if I ever am, I will be up to the challenge. But reading Cassie’s essay made me worry more than I won’t get the chance to be tested.How about you, fellow traveling moms? How do you feel about Cassie’s essay? What would you do if you found out your kid (even a college student) lied about where she was?