tshirtquiltAre you a T-shirt collector?

Maybe you save T-shirts from races you’ve run, concerts you’ve seen, or family vacations you’ve taken?

My husband is a huge fan of the 70s band America. He’s collected their concert T-shirts since the late 1970s, and they’ve been sitting in a box in the basement as long as we’ve been together. He refuses to wear them, but refuses to throw them out.

When I saw what CampusQuilt.com could do with a T-shirt collection, I decided to go for it. My husband handed over his precious T-shirt collection, and campusquilt.com offered to convert them into a quilt for us. I got to choose what type of stitching, trim, and backing I wanted (I recommend the fleece. Toasty!)

I nervously put the shirts in the mail. When it arrived a few weeks later … and let me just say … WOW!

travel_quiltWhat used to be a dust-gathering box in the basement is now the most popular, talked-about item in our house. Friends can’t take their eyes off of it. The kids fight over who gets to wrap themselves in it while watching TV. The America fans are drooling over it.

It’s really well made, and we customized it to look exactly the way we wanted to. Because we had an odd number of T-shirts, they even custom-made an extra square using the logos on the front of the T-shirts. Just outstanding.

So if your family has a T-shirt collection, I’d highly recommend giving CampusQuilt.com a look. It’d be a great way to convert family vacation T-shirts into something practical.

I might even start a T-shirt collection just to make another quilt.