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We first heard about this study when one of our customers brought us a UK newspaper extolling research that indicated that babies in rear-facing stroller interacted more with their caregivers than babies in forward-facing strollers.

Now the New York Times has picked up word of this research and featured it earlier this month in their Health Section. Click here to read the full article.


In summary, a researcher at the University of Dundee in Scotland did observational studies of 2,700 infant/caregiver pairs and then conducted a controlled experiment. She studied at the interactions and conversations between caregivers and babies/toddlers in rear- and forward-facing strollers.

Her findings? She found that caregivers both talked to children in rear-facing strollers twice as much! They also laughed more with the children and the children laughed more as well!

Apparently forward-facing strollers are a much more recent invention due to the manufacturing requirements of making lighter, easier-to-fold strollers at the end of the 20th century. Fascinating!

So should you spring for a reversible seat stroller based on this research? That is totally up to you and your budget but we have found that many children are happier to sit longer in a stroller if they can interact with their parents. So whether your goal is more baby-bonding time or longer walks with a happier child, it might be worth taking a second look at some of the great new reversible options on the market these days!