kids_at_disneyI swore I would never do it. Especially since I live in Florida. But.. the opportunity came up and I snagged it. Some cousins from New York were doin’ the Disney thang with their 7 year old twin girls and asked if we wanted to “meet them in Orlando!”(Every family and friend, when they go to Disney, they knowing you live in the state of Florida, assume that you can “hop” over to Disney in a nanosecond.)  Any-way…… my husband (who still surprises me after 10 years) suggested we do it.
We left at 12 noon on a Monday afternoon so my 27 month old daughter could nap and that there’d be no traffic. It worked! We were at our hotel on site at Disney (thank you Hilton Honors points!) in less than 3 hours. We threw on our bathing suits and headed over to Animal Kingdom Lodge’s pool to meet the gang.

I must say that Disney, is well, designed for kids. I know, NO DUH. I’d always thought Lilly was too young to hit Disney but she was smiling ear to ear each time I looked. Shallow pools, water slides, live animals and kid friendly food everywhere. Not to mention, adults were the minority here!

We dragged Lilly out of the pool using french fry bribery. (Yeah, you know you’ve done it, too) and she fell asleep by 11 pm.