team_babies_tmomdisneyIf Disney were a college, I’d apply. During the TravelingMom Blogger Conference at DisneyWorld, there were times when I felt like I was on a college tour. Traversing the grounds with a group, stopping to listen to a presenter or snap a photo…there were many similarities.

However, the TravelingMom Scavenger Hunt was more like a self-guided campus tour on steriods. We were armed with a map, a list of places visit, a set of questions we needed to get answered and a time-limit to boot!

Along the way, we spoke with tourists, as well as cast members, and discovered a culturally diverse and engaged Disney population. We found that regardless of whether someone had chosen Disney as a family travel destination or was an employee or intern, they were all extremely happy with their choice.

I could not help but think that if Disney were a college, I’d want to apply. 

I carried that thought back home and looked into what Disney had to offer college students knowing full-well that a global company with many thousand employees is likely to have incredible internship opportunities for college students. I was not disappointed.

Disney offers internships related to 19 college majors with “roles” in almost every division. Students can find out more via the  Disney College Program web site and also by meeting with Disney when they come and recruit right on campus! Check out the Presentation Schedule to see when they’ll be on your campus or perhaps on one near to you. Maybe you’ll be compelled to apply, too.