ptm_exhibits_roadside-attractionsIf you haven’t visited the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, it is a must see. In October 2008, the museum opened its doors to their new location at Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park which is three times bigger than their previous one.It is an award winning learning center that is beautifully designed for children seven years and younger.

Families from all over the world visit the Please Touch Museum because of the variety of interactive and hands on learning opportunities their children can experience. They get to work on a construction site, take a magical trip down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, explore outer space and even pretend to be a Doctor on call at the town’s hospital.

My older son absolutely loves playing in the Supermarket. He has a ball pushing his pint-size cart around the aisles filling it with lots of fun food items and then getting the chance to check out customers by using the ringing cash registers.

When you visit you want to make sure to purchase tickets for a carousel ride, the kids will love it! It was stored for almost 100 years before it was refurbished and used by the Museum and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is so heart warming to see the smiles and hear the giggles coming from your children as they ride around on their favorite carousel animal.



Here are some tips when visiting the Please Touch Museum:

1. Class trips are scheduled every day expect Monday so that is the best day of the week to visit.

2. I found that early in the morning or later in the afternoon is the best time to arrive. The museum tends to get very crowded around lunchtime.

3. You can eat right on site at the Please Taste Cafe which is located on the first floor of the museum and provides various healthy menu items. However, we usually pack a lunch which saves money and time. When the weather is nice, the park is a perfect place to set up a picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. On colder days you can always find a nice spot inside to set up camp and feed the troops. And if they aren’t in the mood to stop and eat, packing a lunch allows you to feed them on the go!

4. Admission is $15 for adults and children over a year old. Members are free. If you live in the area and plan to visit more than one time, it makes sense to buy a membership. That is what my family has done and it has paid for itself after our second visit.

5. There is on-site parking directly next to the museum. It is a nicely lighted area and easy access from the main road. Parking is $8 per car, free for members.

6. Before you plan your trip, make sure you check out their calendar on-line at There is always something new going on at the museum from theater shows, new exhibits to fun activities for the kids.

7. And most importantly don’t forget your camera! There will be lots of opportunities to take photos of the family that you won’t want to miss.