My Chicago-bred children are not big fish eaters, but even they couldn’t resist the camp of The Crab Shack in Tybee Island, Ga. (Where the Elite Eat in their Bare Feet). My husband and I opted for the Shack Specialty Capt’n Crab’s Sampler.


The platter was my 13-year-old daughter’s first encounter with food that could look back at her. One look at the crawfish and she nearly freaked. We turned the platter so they were staring at hubby, which seemed to help. 

My husband and I dug in and made short work of the mussels, snapped up the shrimp and cracked open the crab legs. My son, once the pickiest of eaters, is branching out these days. Although he initially was repulsed by the fishy smell of the restaurant, he tried the crab (liked it), tested the shrimp (liked it) and speared several pieces of spicy sausage (which also drew acolades from my daughter).


1689But the fabulous food isn’t the only reason to visit The Crab Shack, which invited my family and me for a lovely dinner. Before you ever order, there’s plenty of campy fun to be had–feeding the gators in the gator pond (food’s available for $3), posing for photos with Capt’n Jack the Sea Turtle or hamming it up for the web cam so friends and family back home can log on to and see you live from the gator deck.

In short, it was a hoot. It’s not often you find a spot that fun and has good food. It’s nice not to have to trade one for the other.