roadtrip_day5_cam_corn2All good things must come to and end…that’s a saying, right? This little road trip was just what I needed (and as it turns out, just what the doctor ordered). But it was time to come home, my crew missed me and I missed them. We celebrated my return with burgers and corn at Nana & Bumpa’s.


We got home and I found out that the A/C is flat busted. Ugh. Of course it was. Max decided that he was going to hang out with me while I watched the basketball game instead of going to bed. I figured that was okay.  I opened up the bottle of wine (named “Oops” that I bought at Target. It was on sale, and it has a creative label. Tastes pretty good too, for a sauvignon blanc. It’s good to be home.



The next morning Max woke me up by climbing into bed with us, giving me a big hug, pressing his cheek against mine. He sat between us beaming, as if to say “yay, my peeps are all here!”. When I got Cam up this morning, she greeted me with a HUGE smile and said “MOMMY!” as she put her hands up in the air (her signal that she would like to be picked up). It’s good to know that they were okay without me, because going away was really good for me. But it’s nice that they missed me too.