It seems that today what is very popular with young brides is destination weddings.  For some it can be as exotic is going to Hawaii or the Fiji islands or simply going to a place where none of the family lives.  This is our case.  My oldest stepdaughter is getting married this week and we are on the road to her wedding.  She chose to get married in Key West at the Hyatt Resort Hotel.  We are all looking forward to it as it will be our first time for all of us visiting Key West.  In the days that will follow, I’ll be telling you more about our stops and what we visited along the way.  I will then talk more about our visit in Key West and then about the wedding.  (If you go to Hyatt and book this hotel, Traveling Mom will receive a referral fee.)

For a stepfamily, I see having a destination wedding as a perfect thing in that we all travel to the event and no one family is the host.  This helps eliminate some of the strains of deciding who will host the event as in this case it will be both, mom and dad.  For me as the stepmom, I am very involved in helping with the preparations and as you will hear later, bringing the most important things for the bride-my stepdaughter.

Destination Weddings Our first stop- Savannah Georgia