disney_marathonMy husband is celebrating a special birthday this year – yeah, we’re talking the big 4-0 – and he’s decided to do it in a big way – by running in a marathon. Of course, he’s not talking just any marathon. Only 26.2 miles through the happiest place on earth will do for this occasion.

So Scott is officially in training for the 2011 Disney Marathon…which means I’m in training for vacation planning. In approximately six months, we’ll be descending for a whirlwind (six day, five night) vacation, with a run plopped in the middle.

Planning for Disney has our younger kids bouncy as Tigger, but I’m too busy making lists and exercising my dialing finger (our ADR’s start on Saturday!) to bounce too much. I’m going to try taking the details one by one…and share our vacation planning with you. So consider this my first in an ongoing series….”Revving Up For Our 2011 Marathon Trip.”

We’re still debating over where to stay. We usually rent a villa, because with a family of our size, it just makes financial sense. But this time around only four of us will be going, so it would be possible to stay on-site in a single room….IF there’s incentive. So we’re waiting to see if the fine folks at Disney do something cool like extend free dining…hey, a girl can hope, right?


We’ve also decided to fly this time, which is a big departure from our usual road trips. The relative brevity of the trip makes this the smart decision, so I’ve been scouring the internet for bargain flights. One tip – remember to add the cost of taking your luggage into the total airfare….this chart will help. We booked our tickets to Orlando via Southwest, based on their free baggage policy.

Next step – making those all important Advanced Dining Reservations. Our window opens Saturday…so think magical thoughts for us, and I’ll let you know how we make out.