Recap: Husband’s 40th birthday wish – to run in the Disney marathon January 2011. Kids’ reaction – well, duh. So we’re on our way.

Since last time, our all-important 180th day arrive. You know what I’m talking about, right? That’s the point where visitors to WDW can make their all-important ADRs (advanced dining reservations).  Seriously, my husband plans his vacations around where he eats. This being his birthday trip, it was essential for me to book the places he wanted most.

And I did! Thanks to the easy peasy online reservation system, I was able to snag us some really impressive ADRS, including Chefs de France after the race, an 8:10 am at The Crystal Palace (which gets you into the park early – I love seeing Main Street empty) and our traditional first night at Chef Mickey’s. Seriously, the online system is so convenient, and so much easier than the old method of dialing the phone at approximately 6:55 am so you can be first in the queue that morning.

With that all-important detail under my belt, it’s time to think of transportation and lodging. (Like I said, food comes first to my hubby. If he can’t eat where he want, he may as well stay home.) We put out some feelers for a vacation home, but haven’t made any decisions yet.


I also investigated airfare from Philly to Orlando – unusual for us, since we customarily make this a road trip. However, since the marathon date is (oh so inconveniently) not planned around my kids’ school schedule (unlike Jersey Week!), we decided to fly to minimize their time away from the classroom. Most of the airlines were in the same ball park, price-wise, so I decided to go with Southwest for its no charge for luggage policy. We’re booked to leave Thursday, January 6 – but without return tickets, since Southwest is only booking through January 7. What is up with that?