I wanted to get this out to all of the travelling families out there that may want to vacation this year- but not sure b/c of prices. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – a very respectable cruise line that is PERFECT for families…I am telling you, your kids will never stop talking about it – and you may actually have some down time as well. Let me get to the point because the sale ends tonight.They are having this insane sale that only a few people know about slashing prices for Winter cruises – all peak season usually very expensive cruises (I am seeing 60% less than what it was last year).To view all cruises and deals: http://www.dunhillvacations.com/tracking.php?vid=9460The sale includes $100 shipboard credit which is like someone handing you $100 to spend on the ship. Things that are not included on the ship are for example, alcohol, tours off the ship, spa services and the gift shop. Ask me if you have any questions…unfortunately, there is not a lot of time for this one.As hundreds of deals pass my desk, I will always find sales for you!You can always look here as well:  http://cruises.dunhillvacations.com/caribbean-mexico-pacific-coast-cruise-deals/