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This week’s Dashboard Confessions Giveaway is sponsored by Bediboo. Congratulations to the winner of our last Giveaway who won a Billboard Messenger Bag from Dadgear! This week’s randomly selected winner will get a $75 gift coupon from the most excellent childrens store, Deadline to enter is 11pm, Friday June 6th. It’s time to fess up!

Getting to your destination with kids breathing down your neck is no easy task. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the road when you are hearing constant are-we-there-yets and she-touched-mes!

In order to keep the peace in the car, ordinary rules may not apply. Non tv-watching families may plug in for the long haul and junk food free types may load up on the munchies. We’ve even heard of families who like to let their kids travel in their Halloween Costumes. In July.

Whatever the case is in your car, we want to know! What rules do you let slide when you hit the road?

Important Note: In order to be eligible, please leave a comment and tell us your Dashboard Confession and also tell us which item in particular from the Bediboo website would be most likely to keep your kids entertained (or at least well dressed) on your next travel adventure.