You know that show “Pimp My Ride”? Well we’ve been pimped. My ride (ok technically my son’s ride) has had an extreme style makeover. Seeing my stroller covered in a custom cover from Mama-La, I am, for once, speechless. If there was a camera rolling I’d be doing one of those classic silent screams that people do at the big reveal. It’s that fabulous.

If you are like me, you like to mix it up a little. You want your stroller to stand out in a crowd and you find the ubiquitous red, black, blue, green, gray, tan and occasionally…. orange (for spice!) stroller color palette a little uninspiring. Sure you love your Bugaboo and their mix and match color system is great. Till you see three other moms walking out of Babystyle with the same colors as you. Hmmmph.

This is why I am so in love with Mama-La. Their collection of Bugaboo slipcovers (made to fit the Frog and the Chameleon) give you so many more options. The fit is precise. So precise that people will not realize it is a slipcover at all. There are even custom tailored hoods in the set.

Some of you may question the need for custom stroller covers. As if we need such fabulousness to be justified! But if you need a logical rationale, here you go: aside from looking amazing, these slipcovers are removeable and washable and preserve your Bugaboo investment. If you were considering re-selling your Bugaboo when you are done, a cover will go a long way to keeping it fresh and un-stained. Which makes it a great investment.

I’ve had people ask about my strollers before. But as I recently walked a tradeshow I had people chase me down, notebook in hand, to find out where I got the cover, and how they could get one too. Some of them did not realize it was a Bugaboo with a custom slipcover. They just thought I had a rare exotic and completely spectacular custom stroller.