Today we played in the yard for the first time in months. We kicked around a soccer ball, I pushed the kids on the swings, and we just ran around giddy from the smell of spring in the air. Dwindling piles of snow were melting in the corners of the yard, the only remains of last Sunday’s storm.Last Sunday we piled into the car for a day of skiing at Mountain Creek. Earlier this winter we struggled through a long nightmarish weekend of family skiing in Vermont. The wind was blowing, the kids were whining, and we only got a handful of runs in before calling it a day. I thought we were years away from enjoying family skiing.But we kept at it and little by little we got our groove on. Last Sunday, it all came together. My five year old son mastered the bunny slope by himself while my two-year old daughter whizzed down the slope between my husband’s legs, screaming, “faster Daddy, faster!” As for me, I spent the afternoon taking the gondola up to the top with my seven-year old to ski down with her by my side. No hand holding, my baby was cruising down the mountain carving turns easily. I actually gathered a little speed on the way down and felt the wind in my hair.All week we talked about going back, hitting the mountain again as a family. But now the forecasts are saying tomorrow is going to be 70 degrees. Last weekend may have been our last hurrah for the season. I spent all winter waiting for spring, but now I’m not ready to say goodbye to the snow.