belgian_waffleFor the past couple of months, our lives have been completely topsy turvy. Between preparing for our move to Ohio from New Jersey and various vacations, we’ve spent more time in hotels than in our comfy beds. As a result, we’ve become quite the connoisseurs of continental breakfast.

We’ve been staying in extended stay hotels, as they seem to be the comfiest and most cost effective for our family of five. Being able to spend a night in a separate room from the kids for under $250 is a beautiful thing. Having a fridge to store chocolate milk in is a generous bonus.

I used to think that all extended stay hotels were the same. Two rooms, a small sitting room, and potentially a pool. But I’ve come to learn that there is a big differential between chains: breakfast. While most boast a free Continental breakfast is included, it turns out that there is a wide discrepancy in the Continental Breakfasts available.


As far as we’re concerned, the king of Continental Breakfasts is the Marriott Residence Inn. It’s more of a breakfast feast with make them yourself malted waffles, hot oatmeal, fresh fruit, and a plethora of baked goods and breads to toast. We’ve spent many happy breakfasts together, enjoying our collective confectioner’s sugar high from our waffles.

The Holiday Inn Express also boasts free Continental Breakfast, but it just didn’t compare. There were hot cinnamon rolls, but they couldn’t touch the waffles. The kids almost staged a hunger strike, but filled up on fruit loops instead, only to make me pay for the rest of car trip with their sugar crash.

We’ve learned our lesson: we’re staying with the waffles going forward.