As a mom that loves to travel, I have to pick my getaways from my family very carefully. I think getting away twice, maybe three times a year from everyone is good for a relationship; my husband and I have discussed how important it is to our relationship that we both have time away from each other and the kids.

He gets away about the same amount of time; skiing with friends out west, going to an occasional getaway to a casino town, or going on a rugby getaway.

Traveling to college football games is my idea of fun. I’d rather do that than spa. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a nice mani-pedi, a massage or an occasional facial; I’m just not into getting away and doing it.

I think with football you either love it or you don’t. I’ve been returning to my college for football games since I graduated about 25 years ago. Every time I go I have a blast. I’m still in contact with a group of friends that out-do eachother each year with serious tail-gating. We do Low Country Boils, Jambalaya and many other great meals. The most important thing is that we have fun (and win the game of course). I love the excitement of getting together with my college friends and catching up. Then there is the thrill of stepping into a football stadium with 90,000 people screaming and having a blast.

I didn’t grow up with a house full of boys and a dad that sat around and watched football every Sunday. I grew up in a big family where we were outside playing football on Sunday. I enjoy watching my team, the Florida Gators on tv, but nothing tops the thrill of being at a game.


When I first started following football at the University of Florida, the team was terrible. I’m not sure why I fell in love with the sport but I did. I played Intramural flag football for my sorority and I loved the diving and catching. It was a huge thrill to me.

I go to one or two games a year. I’ve already been to two games this year in Jacksonville and the last home game in Gainesville – and now my team is headed to the SEC play-offs in Atlanta. I’m going to have to sit this one out since it’s the same day as my mine-year-olds’ Birthday party. She’s been planning it longer than the Gators were in the hunt for the SEC Championship game (I did manage to move the time of her party so I wouldn’t miss the kick-off).

Now I have to wait and see if the Gators can make it into the BCS National Championship game. It will be my second Championship game I’ve seen and there is nothing like the thrill of that! I flew to Tempe, AZ two years ago to watch the Gators beat the heck out of the Ohio State Buckeyes. What a thrill. I left early in the morning and made it out a couple of hours before the game. After the game I had to run toward the airport to find a cab in order to catch the red-eye home.

I made it home that morning in time to drive the kids to school. I’d do it all over again if I could. Traveling to football games: that’s my idea of a good time.