st_joes_winterfrisbeeAs soon as the first flakes of snow begin to fall, my kids rush to the computer to check the school delays and closings updates on the web sites of the local news stations. Whoever is the first to discover a change in the next day’s schedule clicks over to Facebook and posts the best status message ever:  “School Closed Due to Snow” with “2-hour delay” coming in as next best. The news is then copied, pasted, and texted throughout town at a pace that could rival the wind speed of a Nor’easter. 

That’s how it works for many local school systems, but if you’re planning to visit a college or university and bad weather hits, monitoring the local news on the web may not the best way to find out if there are changes in the school’s schedule—mainly because you’re not local to the area and won’t know which stations to explore. It’s better to go right to the best online source which, in this case, would be the college’s web site. Colleges and universities are very likely to post inclement weather announcements right on the school’s homepage.

For example, at Marquette University, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, cancellations or delays are posted on the university homepage (, on Twitter, and on Facebook making it easy for prospective students and their families to gain access to the information. Enrolled students receive news briefs and text alerts. 

Likewise, the University of  New Haven, located in Connecticut, posts weather-related updates to their web site. Prospective students, who have registered for a campus tour, will receive an email and text message should any cancellations occur. 

At schools where winter snow is the norm and cancellations are rare, you’re more likely to see photos of college students engaged in snowball fights or playing snow Frisbee than read about schedule changes. At schools such as Syracuse University or St. Joseph’s College of Maine, when life gives you snow, make snowballs!

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