fotolia_24235776_400xsPlanning a college visit this summer? Why not turn your college visit into a family vacation as well? Parents usually have to take a “vacation day” off from work anyway, right? May as well use the day (or days) as such. 

Need help deciding where to go and what to do on your college visits? I made this the topic of #CampusChat, a weekly Twitter chat about all things college, and got some great college town/family travel destination recommendations.

A city with over 200,000 college students, Boston got the most recommendations. Other suggestions included: Cornell (plan a visit to Watkins Glenn); Burlington, Vermont, Bloomington, Indiana, and Madison Wisconsin to name a few.

Perhaps my favorite tweet that night came from @thomasfrank09, a student a Iowa State Univeristy: “…depends on what you’re looking for. No mountains or beaches or big cities. Just nice people.”  I’m sure we’d all agree that no matter where you travel or go to college “nice people” make all the difference.


The tweets below include additional college visit vacay recommendations and wonderful commentary/banter about some of these destinations (be sure to read to the end for insights from two TravelingMoms: Nasreen Stump (Traveling with Babies) and Kim Orlando, founder of TravelingMom

Hope you have a great college-visit vacay and don’t forget to check out the Free in 50 States list of resources here on TravelingMom.

Please post a comment below and let us know where you’ve been. Also, it’s important to remember that visiting a college during the summer limits your opportunity to experience the college fully (fewer students on campus, fewer classes, abbreviated schedules, etc.). So go prepared to embrace what’s there and make plans to return in the fall to get the complete picture.