directions_CMUGetting directions to campus when planning a college visit is easy thanks to online mapping tools such as Google Maps, but once you have them displayed on your computer screen, then what? Sure, you can print the directions, but did you know you can also send them directly to your GPS device or even your car’s GPS system?

Here’s how:  Once you’ve entered your start location and the destination to Get Directions, look just above the map and notice the controls in the menu bar: Print, Send, Link.

We all know what Print does, but if you click on Send, here you’ll see the options to send the directions to your email account, your car or you GPS device.

There may be a step involved to set up your computer with the appropriate device software, but it’s pretty easy to do so and well worth the few minutes it takes so you can easily post directions from Google Maps directly to your GPS. 

So how many campuses will you visit this spring?