6089324652_9ed35e570b“C’mon Irene” to the tune of “C’mon Eileen” keeps my children rocking! I to say that I am less than thrilled with the impending hurricane is an understatement, but according to my Emmy Award Winning Weatherman next door neighbor danger is not imminent in our area of NJ so we are planning to stay put and brave the storm.

Actually, my little ones are thrilled for the storm. It is going to be their first hurricane and they think it is so cool. I actually was the same age as my preschooler when Hurricane Gloria came through and I remember it pretty vividly, so I am hoping he has the same experience as I did. I do not recall the storm, but I remember the party. My parents set a good tone, and this is one time that I hope to follow their example.

My kids are thrilled that we are going to have a Hurricane Party. They are too young to have to understand the dangers that may or may not come with such an event, so we are choosing to shield them from it entirely, and instead just give them a few basics. “Yes, there is going to be thunder and lightning and a lot of rain… No we are not going to blow away, the woman with the blue hair in the grocery store is crazy.”

I am not going to blog about emergency preparedness; you have the Red Cross, FEMA, Local Government, etc for that. Instead you are going to get my Hurricane Party Plan!

On a serious note, I did fill my inhaler and centralize my Epi-pen, Benadryl, etc., and we are prepared. But having kids in a storm means so much more than just adhering to lists and having emergency plans. It means having fun with your kids! Unplugged! An added bonus is that we live in a great place and have great neighbors, so I am pretty sure that our home will be the hub.

Our Hurricane Plan

Friday Night
You get the idea. I doubt we will lose power for more than 72 hours but if we do, I
want to start with clean floors and have clean underwear for it!

Play outside for as long as we can. Run, jump, climb, slide, ride bikes, etc. Burn as
much energy as we can before the storm rolls in. Even if there is drizzle, we will be
outdoors for a while.
More outdoor play if we can pull it off
Watch the rain for a bit. Storms are always fascinating for the first five minutes.
Possibly bother the weatherman for more how-does-this-happen information (he is
so cool –did I mention he let me hold his Emmy?!)
Play a few board games. High on our list these days: Candyland, Memory, Head,
shoulders, knees and toes, Yahtzee Jr., fishing.
Dinner – Hopefully we can still eat something hot, if not, it’s PBJ time.
More games, family movie night (either on tv or ipad dependent upon the power
Set up camp

We are going to bunk together, since at some point it is more than likely that we
would have to anyway (their choice, not mine, usually around 3 am).
Blanket tents, wild and crazy pajamas, s’mores, flashlights, story books, jokes… I can
do this in as little as 45 minutes but it is my plan to stretch it for at least 2 hours if I

Sleep! I am going to use my power of positive thinking and say that we will sleep
through the night.

Breakfast (special muffins already on reserve)
Playdoh (always a thrill)
Paint (only if we still have power b/c after paint we will need to be hosed off)
Indoor bubbles (always a hit)
Trains and Legos with Daddy (Mama nap)
Indoor trike racing (with crash helmets) and NASCAR sound effects (note to self
hide the dog and cat)
Repeat Saturday hits
Venture outdoors if we are able to. If we are still indoor bound we will have a play
date with the neighbors.
More Saturday hits

Get out of the house as soon as we are able to! We will all have cabin fever.

Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video