Cleared for Takeoff*** CONGRATULATIONS TO AILEEN – COMMENT #8 – She is the winner of this Little Hard Hats DVD! ****One of the most important parts of my trip planning is the selection of new toys and DVDs to entertain my children on my flight. I recently came across a great DVD by the Little Hard Hats called Cleared for Takeoff. It’s like a documentary for the preschool set, all about airplane travel. It would be a great DVD to not only entertain your kids during a flight, but also to prepare them for the trip.Captain Herb, a real United Airlines pilot is the star of the show. He’ll show your children will see what it’s like to fly in the cockpit, and will give them a sneak peak of Air Traffic Control and ground operations. Kids will be thrilled to see 747s take-off and land up close, and to follow luggage through the maze of baggage handling.I have one copy of this DVD to give away to a lucky Traveling Mom reader. Just leave a comment on this post if you’d like to be entered to win. I’lll select the winner at random next Friday, April 10.