croissantsI used to spend Christmas eve at a friend’s house and the next morning, her mother made a special breakfast. I have continued this tradition, even though we don’t celebrate Christmas. Wherever we are, whether skiing, visiting family, or at home, we have to eat and since no one is working, we have time to make a special meal.

I make French toast occasionally, usually to use up old challah, but it seems almost sacrilegious to use a Jewish bread on a Christian holiday. I have tried brioche, which is wonderful, but the ultimate French toast uses croissants.

You do have to really plan ahead for this, since you need day-old croissants, which I don’t have lying around the house. But if you go to Costco, you can buy a tray of croissants very inexpensively, and leave them out (but away from snackers) to go slightly stale.

Since these are so buttery already, you will want to cook them in as little oil as possible. Use a non-stick frying pan so you can just lightly coat it with oil.
I also saute a couple of bananas or pears in the same pan, and serve them on top of the French toast, or along side for my more demanding children. I know, I hated when my food touched other food when I was a kid, but the cooked fruit goes so well with the French toast. You can serve with maple syrup, or sprinkle with powdered sugar, but it is also fantastic on its own.

Croissant French Toast
2 eggs
1/2 cup of milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon
4 croissants, sliced lengthwise
Beat the eggs with the milk and cinnamon. Dip both sides of the croissants in the mixture, then cook as you would ordinary French toast.
Note: since only one side of the croissant is ‘open.’ you might want to leave that side in the egg mixture longer; it will absorb more on that side.

Merry Christmas!