kids-in-the-planeOn my recent trip to the TravelingMom bloggers’ retreat, I was surprised to find parents with children in the first class cabin on both my flight to and from Orlando. As a business traveler, I enjoy the perk of sometimes being upgraded to first, or business, class, where I usually expect to find other business travelers. But parents? With young kids? This was a surprise to me.

One of the kids was even young enough to be a lap child, who then spent the flight shuttling across the aisle from one parent’s seat to the other.

Of course, a plane full of passengers en route to Orlando usually means a plane full of families. What’s the difference between said families flying first class vs. coach? About $1,000, according to a recent search I did on Delta’s website. While the cost likely prevents many families from flying first class, upgrades and mileage flights can put passengers into first class – with their kids.


As a mom myself, I don’t know if I would bring my kids in first class with me. First class is, to me, a quiet respite from the chaos of the coach cabin and of traveling in general. It’s a chance to sit back, relax, and truly enjoy the flight (not to mention an adult beverage or two). It’s a place where you can sit, undisturbed, and work, or read, or knit, or just close your eyes and not have to worry about your seat back being kicked or the passenger in front of you reclining so far they’re nearly in your lap. It’s a place for grownups. Putting kids into the scenario seems like it would turn a quiet oasis into the grinding reality of life.

What do you think? Would you fly first class with your kids? Have you flown in first class with children there (yours or someone else’s)?


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