beckyLesseChildPart of traveling is sharing what you have experienced, but how can kids do that?  During my daughter Lesse’s second grade year of school, her teacher had a program called “Star of the Week,” where each week a child was drawn and they spent the whole week sharing special things to them. Well, my little traveler wanted to share everything she had experienced during our travels with her classmates. Her teacher at the time knew we traveled, as I had sometimes pulled her out of school early or took a day off school for our travels. The teacher and I decided that Lesse and I would make a slideshow of all things she had experienced in the past year.

This was an easy way for Lesse to show her friends and classmates her travels. And it just so happened that very same year her class was studying the state of Missouri; since our travels are mostly Missouri, she was instantly the Missouri expert.

I can still remember that January afternoon when Lesse came beaming to the car, “Momma, my friends cannot believe how many things there are to do in Missouri.” It made me proud of my little traveler and I knew her experiences had impacted others!