On our roadtrip , I have accumulated 2 more shopping bags full of stuff to take home plus a cooler filled with Chicago Beef Sandwich ingredients to prove to my husband that we thought of him while on our adventure.

The stuff I bought that is going home with me is downright embarrassing.  None of it would have been a consideration if I’d flown to KY.  But I didn’t fly, I drove which means I have a trunk  and I can’t find self-rising yellow cornmeal in my area.  A southern girl needs some decent sugar-free cornbread now and then!  Oh, and while I was at Kroger, I found mini pastas that I have not seen at my local grocery store.  And then there was the Home Canned Green Beans, plum jelly and home-grown pears.  Definitely can’t get that at home.  The worst purchase transgressions are the things I bought that I CAN get at home:  my favorite protein powders from Whole Foods ($6 and $9 cheaper in KY!), shampoo by the gallon (with my mom’s cosmetolgist’s discount) and Wal-Mart stuff that my kids picked out.  I choose to chalk it up to being a smart shopper, sort of like shopping for sales.  Beats souvenirs.