People, I am here to tell you  that this year can be different.I am telling you that you have two choices:(1) Make the changes that are preoccupying you(2) If you are not prepared to make the changes,  then  accept your limitations and stop wanting things to be different.Be happy in spite of your limitations, your weight, your gut.What’s that you say? You don’t want  to be happy about your gut?Then  either change your gut or change your mind. It is the only way to live in peace with yourself.Flatten Your BellyFor those of you who vote for change (or those of you unwilling to love the way your gut is today), I’ve composed a sloppy, yet brilliant fitness contract to help you on your way towards your goal. It’s my gift to you cause that’s just the kinda workout girl I am.On New Year’s or at your next celebration, when you make that champagne -or better yet, Acai Juice toast,get excited about what 2009 holds for you!Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life, this is true.But tomorrow can also be the first day of the fittest year of your life.Or the first day of the happiest year of your life.Or both.Happy, HEALTHY New Year!