Taking a wide view of the United States, one might feel a bit weary as to if there is even a place worthwhile to vacation in. Sure, you’ve done the theme parks and water parks and taken long road trips to out of the way bed and breakfasts to either enjoy some quiet time alone, or with the entire family. Much can be said about those trips, but, as they say, ‘variety is the spice of life.’Two places that often come to mind when planning an inexpensive vacation are the state of Florida or the city of Las Vegas. A few years back, both these places were on the entirely different side of the preverbal vacation spectrum. For years, Las Vegas has welcomed tourists from all walks of life, to belly up to one of their casinos and ponder on such questions as to whether or not to double down on a soft 17 at the black jack table, or whether or not to catch a show. In and around the same time, Florida has, with the same affection, welcomed droves of family’s to come and bask in the free sunshine and delightful beaches. Times; they are a changing – and these two spots are rolling out the ‘roll back’ sales to welcome everyone!Las Vegas for those of you that have been avoiding those specials on the Travel Channel has catered to all sorts of high rollers for years. Although those places are still around, the tourist board of Las Vegas has started to gear towards a more family friendly Las VegasAlthough there are many places to choose from to make your Vegas vacation right, The Paris & The Rio are two good places to start your search.  The Paris replicates the style of its fabulous namesake city. You can enjoy the marvelous view of the Eiffel Tower, and even have a meal there…just be forewarned that it is pricey for the experience. The Rio embodies the spirit and excitement of the Brazilian city where it is named after. A nice swanky club, Pure, is part of this delightful hotel.You say that you want shows? If you’re living on the west coast of the United States and want to see a show, there is no longer a need to jump on a plane and fly to New York City. Las Vegas has some of the best shows around. Shows like Blue Man Group, Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding to great nightlife spots like Bank or Ghost Bar and of course musical acts that range from Cher to Elton John. Gaming, nightlife, something for the kids – and where else can you get a $5 lobster?If Vegas is a bit geographically unattractive, take a look at the Gulf Coast of Florida. Living on the Atlantic side of the state, I enjoy the less hustle and bustle way that the west coast of Florida brings to its residence. I also enjoy the magical sunsets; which set over the calm beaches.The warm temperate-zone weather is what the majority of people flock to Florida, but where do you go once your plan taxis in? If your over the scene that comes with the touristy places like Orlando or Miami, one spot you may consider might be Sanibel Island. Located just off the shore of Ft. Myers, Sanibel is really two islands in one. Likely severed by a hurricane, Sanibel Island is linked to Captiva Island by a short bridge. The beaches are excellent on both these islands; and if you’re a seashell connoisseur, these places are world renowned for them. If you want to learn more about seashells, the only seashell museum in the world, The Bailey-Matthews Museum is located here.The Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa is my choice if you do decide to come over to the Gulf Coast of Florida. This is a great place for both adults and children alike. From the great selection of onsite restaurants to satisfy that foodie in your, to the relaxing spa. Friendly and accommodating are two words that come to mind here, and in speaking with some other people that have stayed here, that sentiment is echoed. The pools are large and there is no shortage of chairs. This spot is all around a tremendous spot for those with families and those looking for a romantic retreat.It is true that the economy has forced us to take a closer look at where we should spend our vacations. If you are looking for a domestic vacation, these two spots, with all that they offer, might be a sound decision.