TMOM collage

Showin’ off my black, blue and pink TMOM shirts!

We live in a world with short attention spans and unlimited entertainment choices. Which is why I am so proud to mark five years of writing for

My first blogs were more like diary entries — musings about literally every trip I took, including my commute and my regular trips to Crazytown as a working mom.

With age came wisdom. I realized the question I was being asked most often by fellow parents was, “Where should we go? Where should we stay? What should we do?” I shifted my focus, writing stories that would be USEFUL to parents. Stay here, not there. Do this, not that.

I gave it to you straight, as if we were two moms sitting on the sidelines during a Little League game.

I hope by providing honest feedback these past five years, I’ve given you more quality time on your vacations, saved you a few bucks, and made your trips more fun.

When I first met Kim Orlando and Cindy Richards for pizza in Chicago one night in 2008, I knew we were a great fit. I bow down to them for developing into such a terrific website,  bringing together such a supportive network of smart women, and creating this great resource for everyday moms.

It’s with pride and gratitude that I say … happy anniversary to me! And us!

Finally, thank you to all of you readers who have checked out my blogs these past five years.

I’m raising a glass, and toasting to many more years of fun, safe and smooth family travels together.