If only there was an easier way to navigate the treacherous waters of car shopping. Finding your automotive mate can be stressful, particularly if you are not a big car enthusiast and up on all the latest car info. It’s intimidating out there. Going to a dealership can be as stressful as a blind date.

Enter CarZen.

CarZen is an online matchmaker. But not for couples. For you, and your car. Rather than spend the next six months scouring the web for news, you can now click on over and in mere moments, fill out a compatibility quiz that will match you with the most ideal vehicles, based on your wants and needs.

Skeptical? Go and check it out. This is not just another clinical survey system that matches you based on how many people you need to move. It takes the subtler points into account too – such as your sense of style, how many carseats you have and whether you have issues with buying American cars. This is a search engine for the quirkiest of car shoppers. It sorts cars in ways that you would not have even considered. And in the end… you have an extremely time saving potential list of first dates that are worth the test drive.


CarZen was designed with women and families in mind and I think they have done a stellar job. We recently bought a car after weeks and months of research and many test drives. I took a car search quiz before writing this article only to find that the car I bought, was indeed #1 on the list. I could have saved so much time with this site on my side a little sooner!