861I had the most wonderful holiday gift idea for my mother, a woman who’s lived a long, productive life but is always a challenge to buy for. Why not capture the travel stories from our European family vacation in a beautiful, keepsake photo book?This past summer, my mother, two sisters, and I traveled to Lithuania to visit the country where my grandparents had emigrated from in the early 1900’s. Although I found planning a trip for four women challenging enough, putting together a photo book turned out to be an even greater task. I alone had more than 1,000 eye-catching digital photos to choose from plus an additional 500 or so from my equally shutter-happy siblings.The task was more time consuming than I had imagined but the end result even more beautiful than I had dreamed. Of course, being a writer helped put words to the pictures. But in the end we ended up with our treasured memories bound and captured in 12×12 format forever.I offer practical tips in my article, Sharing Travel Photos.