travel-insuranceHave you had to cancel a trip recently? Five months after I broke my right foot, I broke my left.  Seriously.  I can’t make this stuff up if I tried.  I have been missing around here lately because I have been wallowing in my pity party of cancelled holiday trips.  Thankfully, it looks like I will be able to avoid surgery but I am off the foot for at least another 4 weeks.  We had three different small road trips planned during the month of December.

We will still be making one of trips we had planned, which is to visit family in Panama City, Florida for a few days during the holiday.  We can make that trip because I will just be sitting in a recliner with my foot propped letting my mother in law and husband do all the work!  Two trips had to be cancelled immediately.  There was no way I was going to be able to participate in the activities we had planned.

Luckily, most everything was able to be cancelled with little or no penalty.  We cancelled hotel rooms within the allotted time.  Pre-purchased tickets to attractions are good for the next year so we will just reschedule.  We were driving our own car so we didn’t have to worry about cancelling rental cars or plane ticket change fees. 

This is really the first time we have had to cancel like this so close to the actual trip.  We have never purchased trip insurance before but this experience has definitely made me think twice about it.  Do you purchase trip insurance?  Which companies do you use?  What makes you decide to purchase trip insurance:  Is it the location you are going or the amount of money you spent on the trip?