smoresMy family has designated this summer as the summer of Idaho.  We are determined to figure out our new state and enjoy it as best we can.  My daughter’s school had a group campout at Greyback Gulch, just this side of Idaho City and less than an hour from Boise. Less than an hour away is terrific for kids who fight in the car.  So much less time for that!

Admittedly, we are rookie campers, so we like the proximity to home as well as to Idaho City, in case anything went awry. This time, we remembered to bring our chairs, our insect repellant and ice.  Our food stayed fresh! Although we remembered P1010959-1marshmallows, we forgot graham crackers, Hershey bars and (clean) skewers — but our friends had them.  Camping with a group has a lot of advantages (for rookie campers).

It was just an overnight, but as this was our first time out for the year, it was a great trial run.  We need to take more ziplock bags next time.  And clean our camping gear now, as opposed to when we pack it.  Otherwise, we were pretty much on point.

Make a checklist when you camp!  Why are you taking advice from a rookie?