When Ju Ju Be released their newest line of wallets and diaper bag accessories, some of the ladies that chat on their infamous pink room message board commented that the new Ju Ju Be BusinessBe small wallet for business and credit cards should be called the BeCarded instead. We agree that is a much cuter name and have started referring to it as the BeCarded around our store. No matter what is is called – we guarantee once you start using this mini Ju Ju Be, you’ll never go anywhere without it!

I decided to get one since I always try to carry business cards with me. I find there are an incredible amount of pregnant women who comment on my stroller while on line for the ultra-popular ice cream store I take my kids to on nice days – they always ask where I bought it! 😉 Anyways I thought it might look a tad nicer to fish out a neat card from a little business card holder instead of fishing for one at the bottom of my diaper bag that doesn’t have goldfish crumbs caked onto it. Professional huh?

First I loved how the Ju Ju Be BusinessBe had a loop to slide onto my key ring so I could have it with me always instead of having it go to the bottom of my bag too. Then I realized when I stopped for quick errands, I could just stick my credit card in with my business cards and leave my bigger wallet at home. Well nowadays you get asked for id with credit cards so much so I added my drivers licence to the nice clear windowed slot on the top flap. Before I knew it I had stuck a few “just in case” bills in there as well.

Well on my recent trip to Las Vegas (see my last post), I found this was the only wallet I needed. I just kept my id, 2 credit cards and some cash in there, attached it to my key ring and I was set for 2 days in the city that never sleeps. (Luckily I did though).


If you are sick of lugging a big wallet around wherever you go, have business cards you want to keep orderly, or you just want a miniature alternative for nights on the town & quick errands, I can’t say enough about how clever and easy-to-use this newest Ju Ju Be is. Like my Amex card, I won’t leave home without it now!