While I have not yet dared to bring my kids with me on a business trip, I know others who have successfully managed to mix business and family. I’ve traveled to several cities that simply shout to bring the kids (and others where they’re best left at home). Here are some tips and considerations for when to bring the kids along on a business trip.

  • Consider the destination. While Orlando, New York City and even Las Vegas are kid friendly, other cities might not be. Think about where the travels will bring you – and if there’s anything for the kids to do there.
  • Consider their age. While a grade-school-aged kid might enjoy visiting museums and other attractions, a toddler or younger might not have the attention span. Before packing the mini rollerbag, consider your child and what he or she might get out of the trip – and if maybe it should wait another year or two.
  • Childcare is key. I wouldn’t dream of traveling on business alone with my two kids; they’re too young to be left alone and too young to tag along on business meetings. What’s more, most of the travel I do is simply not child appropriate. However, if my husband were traveling with me, it might be a different story. If traveling for work with your kids, make sure that they will be cared for when you’re not available, whether by traveling with someone else or enlisting in a nanny service at the hotel.

While traveling on business with kids isn’t impossible, there are some factors you should consider before booking the trip.