Here’s an idea for quick and easy meals I wanted to share with TMOM readers.In our family, we’re firm believers that a good breakfast is an important way to start the day. When the kids are in the mood for a big breakfast – more often now that they’re going through major growth spurts – the challenge is juggling the cooking while prepping backpacks, checking email, making lunches, reviewing the day’s appointments, etc.On mornings when I have a few extra minutes or on weekends, I whip up a full batch of pancakes. I serve a few to each child, and then freeze the rest in a sealed storage bag.  I usually end up with about 25 pancakes in storage. Then, when the kids decide they’d like pancakes for breakfast, I pull out a few and put them in the microwave for about 45 seconds. The kids get hot pancakes for breakfast, and I still have time to pull it together and get us to the bus on time.Simple, easy — and sometimes I’ll even treat myself to a few pancakes myself, swimming in a puddle of warm maple syrup. The perfect way to start a cold, wintry New England day!