IMG_2582Want to see northern Michigan from a new angle? The Zipline Adventure Tour offered at Boyne Mountain Resort offers guests a tree-top view of the area’s hills and forests.

The Adventure Tour begins in the sports shop, where guides help groups of about 10 “riders” at a time to buckle and strap up into the proper protective gear for the adventure. My group consisted of several families, some multi-generational with school-age children, parents, and grandparents taking on the adventure tour together. There are no age requirements for the tour, but riders must be at least 60 lbs. and 3 feet tall.

Each group is accompanied by three guides – as we arrived at each zipline, two guides would zip across it, while the third stayed behind to clip each of us in and to see us off safely. When we reached the other end of the line, one of the guides would stop us with a wooden block on the line and the other helped us to land and uncliped us so that we could get to the next line. The guides were great at answering questions, providing interesting facts and tidbits about the area we were in, and cracking jokes with riders and the other guides to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. They also taught us how to do tricks on each of the ziplines, such as forward flips and how to zipline upside-down (a talent that not all of us were able to master – but appeared to be easiest for the youngest ones).

IMG_2639The zipline adventure began at the top of the hill overlooking the Mountain Grand Lodge, a stunning view of the property and grounds below. The ziplines carried us over wooded paths and through the trees – sometimes so close to the trees that it felt like I could almost reach out and touch the leaves. My group quickly fell into a routine during the tour – the youngest eagerly crossed the lines first, while the older riders stayed behind to make sure they set off safely. The entire tour lasted a little over two hours but the time went quickly. Before we knew it, we were at the final platform, where the last line spread across the pond and between the two water fountains and ended at the back of the Mountain Grand Lodge Resort. My husband and kids watched from our balcony as I crossed the line and waved, then landed safely and descended the stairs back to solid ground and their waiting arms. While the zipline tour was an adventure, it was a decidedly safe one, as the guides really knew their stuff and made sure we were safe the entire time. Thrill seekers and those more hesitant to soar over valleys on a line of wire would both enjoy the tour.

Disclosure: My admission to the Zipline Adventure was provided by Boyne.

Teresa J. Shaw covers Southeast Michigan for Traveling Mom. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter at @TeresaShaw.