When my twins were small, packing for a trip was a monumental task: the baby products, the tub insert, the exact diaper cream they liked.  Bottles. Bottle inserts. Thousands of changes of clothing.So back then, I came up with an idea: Box it up and ship it out.  In other words: UPS it.I know there are companies that will send your luggage ahead, and for specialty items, like skis or golf clubs, that might be the way to go, but for me, the cardboard box and good ole dependable UPS is the way to go. (And even they’ll ship actual luggage, if you like).  That way, I don’t have to worry about damage to the bag, and I personally think it’s less likely to be bait for thieves.Here are the top reasons to ship your luggage ahead:First of all, it eliminates the “waiting for your luggage at the carousel you can never find” syndrome.  At which your luggage is always – ALWAYS – last to come off.  Frustrating when you’re on your own, downright torturous when you’re with babies, and just kind of annoying and exhausting when you’re with school aged kids who just want to get to the beach already.Second of all, with all of the new FDA regulations, sending a box down via UPS makes it easier to pack.  No measuring into little plastic bottles.  No deciding do I bring shampoo, conditioner, and face cream?  Or shampoo, conditioner, and children’s Tylenol?  Put all the bottles and jars and lotion and cream and whatever you need right there in the box.  Nothing to worry about.Thirdly, it forces you to pack smart.  You have one box: what do you really need?Fourth, It makes packing a lot less hectic.  I don’t know about you, but the day before a trip I am a lunatic!!  Where are the bathing suits?  What happened to that hat I like my daughter to wear on the beach?  What do you mean those sandals don’t fit you anymore?  When you send your box ahead, you pack ahead of time too, eliminating (or, ok, at least lessening) the pre-trip panic.Finally, it’s cheap!  (As long as you’re going domestic.  otherwise, just forget it!) I can send a big box down to Florida with all of the clothing we need (though do pack a carry on with one change of clothing per person – just in case) for about $75.00.  Worth it, for all the trouble you save.You know the song — pack up your trouples in a cardboard box and fly fly fly! (or something like that!)