American-ExpressI’ve raved before about how much I love my American Express card, especially the Membership Rewards program.  I have a personal Amex and a business Amex, and those points certainly accumulate quickly.  In fact, I’m planning to upgrade to a platinum American Express card, as soon as I’m offered the 25,000 bonus Membership Rewards offer.  In most cases, I transfer the Membership Rewards points directly to my frequent flier programs.  But, did you know that you can also book travel directly through American Express?

When booking travel through Amex, you can either pay directly, use points, or use a combination of points and money.  I love having that option because sometimes I don’t have enough points, but still want to use some of them.  I recently booked a trip for my family, and although I didn’t have enough points for airfare for four, I was able to cover a good chunk of the cost.  Also, since we are going to be flying out of one airport and flying back through another, we were able to book a flight on two airlines – something that would be difficult to do if I had to transfer points to frequent flier programs.

Have you used American Express travel?  How has your experience been?