After years of resisting, I finally joined Costco this summer. My plan to make an anti-consumerism statement was trumped by my desire to get cheap apple juice and frozen chicken breasts in bulk.

Since I’m new to the Warehouse of Gluttony and Good Deals, I am still marveling over some of their product offerings: caskets, a container of salsa that’s bigger than my head, and Waterford crystal to name a few.

But, being a traveling mom, one of their services that caught my eye was the Costco Vacations. The deals weren’t bad (air and 2 nights in the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas for $321 per person) and they offered trips everywhere from Italy to New Zealand.

Members are offered 20% off or “double upgrades” on car rentals, as well as perks at certain resorts.


Have any of you traveling moms been intrigued by this? Or, booked a trip through Costco? I might do it solely out of curiosity. I mean, it’s probably priced competitively with any of the Web travel sites, right?

Or, will it be like everything else you buy at Costco — you end up spending more than you planned to, and you get way more than you actually need?