It’s July 4th! Fireworks! Parties! BBQ’s poolside…Only not for me!!

For some reason, we have NOTHING planned this year for the big day. We are on a long weekend at the beach. And we just spent a normal summer weekend going to Cooper’s Beach, taking out the canoe, swimming in the pool, and later tonight, there will be the traditional arguing about the remote.

It was a perfectly nice day — really, it was. So why did it leave me feeling so…blue?

I think that when you are on vacation and holidays like this one — all about parties — come up, and if you don’t have something to do, it kinda puts a damper on the trip.


It’s funny. If we weren’t all on a long weekend at the beach – if we were just at home this weekend – I probably wouldn’t care that we didn’t have some cool party to attend. I’d be home. I’d watch some festivities on TV. But here we are, on vacation, traveling as a family, and it feels like we’re SUPPOSED to be partying it up.

Well, I did buy my kids some noisemakers. And we did make burgers, and we did have corn on the cob. In addition,  I stopped at Target and bought American Flag paper plates for our tasty meal.

So I guess it was a party of sorts; a private, family party.  Thankfully, the kids are so tired out by it all, that by 9:00 tonight, my husband and I will definitely get the remote!

Happy July Fourth!!