TravelingMom.comMy tulips are blooming! While seeing color burst forth in my front yard helps me look forward to warmer temperatures and summer vacation, these particular blossoms also help me to fondly think back to last summer and the special family vacation I took with my sisters and mom to Europe.After visiting Lithuania, we stayed several days in Amsterdam, which to me is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. There is something wonderful about this city – the diversity of culture, the canals that link the city, the paintings by Van Gogh, the humbling reminders of past travesties.My absolutely favorite place to visit in Amsterdam was the Flower Market. The rows of stalls were buzzing with activity.

For anyone with a green thumb, who is a wannabe horticulturist, or just simply loves beautiful flowers, the Flower Market offers a stimulating display of nature at its best.The great thing about the Flower Market is that you can purchase bulbs already approved by customs, TravelingMom.comwhich makes it easy (and less stressful) to transport living reminders of our travels from airport to airport.

Maybe I just love flowers. Or the aroma of dirt and misty air we took in as we visited each vendor. Now that my tulips are blooming, I feel like I’m walking among the plants again in the city of canals.Hopefully the deer won’t discover my beautiful blossoms. I don’t think they will be thinking about Amsterdam if they come upon the yellow, orange, and red blooms!